PipeBurst Pro Commercial

Here’s How PipeBurst Pro Works

A leak is found…1

A leak is found…

The wireless or wired sensor that detects the leak quickly sends a message to the Valve Interface Panel (VIP).
…Message received…2

…Message received…

The Valve Interface Panel (VIP) receives the signal from the sensor and notifies the TickerValve™ of the leak.
…Water shuts off…3

…Water shuts off…

The TickerValve™ reacts by turning the water off to prevent further damage to your valuable property and possessions.
…You are alerted.4

…You are alerted.

The Valve Interface Panel (VIP) communicates to you through ionleaks.com to let you know that a leak was detected.

Complete Business Protection

Today’s businesses contain more water sources than ever before, leaving your property vulnerable to potentially disastrous leaks. Thanks to PipeBurst Pro™, destructive commercial floods are more preventable than ever. We can tailor a detection and shut-off system for your business to provide maximum protection. Install multiple systems in zones, as show in the building illustration, to avoid shutting off water to an entire building in the event of a leak. For added protection, integrate PipeBurst Pro into your security system so you can receive remote alerts. PipeBurst Pro offers different levels of installation to protect what matters most to your business.


Insurance Claim Facts

The insurance industry estimates policy holders make annual claims related to water damage totaling:
For Buildings

$500 Million

Washing Machine Hoses

$150 Million

Leaky Hot Water Tanks

$50 Million

Water damage is the number one source of property claims for owners of office buildings, hotels, retail establishments and other commercial structures, according to Zurich North America.

Don't leave protection of your business to chance. Be proactive with PipeBurst Pro.

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